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Looking for a new place to call home? How many application fees will you pay?

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The application process takes about 9 minutes to complete.

Each resident 18 years and older needs a separate application. All applicants must authorize credit and background screening. Each applicant NEEDS a social security number.

The initial applicant is the Primary Applicant, and is responsible for paying ALL Application fees for ALL applicants. Application fees are non-refundable.

In the application you will be able to enter name and email address of co-applicants, who will then be able to complete their own application.

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When you are looking for a new apartment, condo or house, it can be time consuming, costly and nerve wracking. You can simplify the process by creating a pre-qualified and portable application, using ApplyAnyplace by TenantMagic.

TenantMagic is a TransUnion SmartMove integrated partner, which enables you to quickly demonstrate that you meet or exceed the residency and rental criteria standards for the suite or house to which you want to apply.

After completing your rental application, TenantMagic guides you through the Approver Invitation process. The Approver, who may be the Landlord or the Real Estate Agent, receives an email from you explaining how to view your application, TransUnion credit recommendation and screening reports.

While some landlords may have additional criteria to consider, most will be pleased they can make an almost instant decision. Be prepared to present photo identification, proof of employment or income, and proof of your current residence. We give further guidance once your application is complete.

The process is very short (usually about 9 minutes) and costs $45 per adult applicant.

Once your application recommendation is complete, we will send you an alert (shortly after the last co-applicant has completed the screening).

Then you can start inviting approvers - with only ONE application!

ApplyAnyplace is a registered trademark of TenantMagic LLC, an online rental application and screening solution provider.

TenantMagic is headquartered in Shaker Heights, Ohio